New LA To Singapore Flight Will Be The Longest In The US

United Airlines states it will certainly begin flying in between Los Angeles and also Singapore, a range of concerning 8,700 miles, making it the lengthiest course to or from the United States.

Westbound trips will certainly be a derriere-numbing 17 hrs and also 55 mins. They will certainly leave Los Angeles each night and also get here 2 days later on regional time in Singapore.

The eastbound leg will certainly take 15 hrs and also 15 mins with the dominating tail wind.

The airline company stated Thursday that thinking it obtains federal government authorization, trips will certainly begin Oct. 27 utilizing Boeing 787 airplanes.

The lengthiest existing U.S. trip is Qantas’ 8,578-mile journey in between Dallas-Fort Worth as well as Sydney, Australia.

Amongst trips that do not touch the United States, Qatar Airways flies a 9,032-mile course in between its center in Doha as well as Auckland, New Zealand.

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